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Contests in 5 Games/Events

This platform provides information on the contests in the following Sky on Stage | Original Games/Events.

  • 2-Way Freefly/Freestyle (1 performer, 1 cameraflyer)
  • 3-Way Freefly (2 performers, 1 cameraflyer)
  • 5-Way Freefly (4 performers, 1 cameraflyer)
  • 3-Way Wingsuit Acro (2 performers, 1 cameraflyer)
  • Skysurf (1 performer, 1 cameraflyer)

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Your submission(s) must be uploaded no later than by 31 December 2020 at 23:59 UTC.

Even though it is not mandatory, you are invited to add music to your video. You can choose any music you like as long as it is free of all rights or, alternatively, you may choose among the tracks we have available for you. HERE

Awards for the winning skydivers are offered by our Partners. HERE

30 January 2021 is the submission deadline applying for the "Indoor Freestyle" and the "Throwback" contests of Sky on Stage. Visit the platforms dedicated to



for details.

Awards for the winning skydivers are offered by our Partners. HERE



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Stefania Martinengo

Tondelli Giovannini

Luca Giovannini

Coralie & Greg


Lazy Bird

Yulia Voronova

Team 'Troy & Johannes'

Johannes Bergfors

The Sky on Stage Organizer

Stefania "Teti" Martinengo dreamt about flying since she was five years old: it's a recurrent dream – definitely her favorite one.

Stefania started skydiving in 1989 and soon fell in love with freestyle and skydancing, inspired by From Wings Came Flight, the epochal film of Norman Kent featuring Deanna Kent and Mike Michigan. It led her to training and competing in freestyle. She is a multiple Freestyle and Freefly Italian Champion as well as the Freestyle World Champion, the World Air Games Champion and the World Games Champion of 2001. That is to name but a few of her competitive accomplishments. She also qualified as an Aero Club d'Italia and FAI/ISC Judge in the artistic skydiving disciplines.