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Vintage in 8 Games/Events

This platform provides information on the contests in the following Sky on Stage | Throwback Events/Games.

  • 2-Way Freefly/Freestyle
  • 3-Way Freefly
  • 5-Way Freefly
  • 3-Way Wingsuit Acro
  • Skysurf
  • Indoor Freestyle
  • Indoor Dynamic/Freefly 2-Way
  • Indoor Dynamic/Freefly 4-Way

Once you have decided which event/game you want to enter, register at the Sky on Stage website. HERE

The entry fee for the Throwback Contest is purely symbolic at 5 €!  

Select whatever you think is your best and most creative skydive from your archives! Unlike in the other contests, you are allowed to upload videos with performances that were recorded at just about any time in the past. The performances should comply with the spirit of the rules and guidelines that apply to the other contests, but they don't have to adhere to the more specific instructions. Once you are ready, upload you free routine. HERE

Adding music to the footage is not mandatory but recommended. You can add a music you choose, as long as it is free of all rights, or you can pick a track among the ones we provide. HERE

Your submission(s) must be uploaded no later than by 30 January 2021 at 23:59 h UTC. Once you have uploaded your performance, you are allowed to change it for a better one until the deadline.

Awards for the winning skydivers are offered by our Partners. HERE

Visit the platforms dedicated to the other contests held by Sky on Stage for information on them.


Vote for Your Favorite(s)!

Check out the videos and vote for up to three of your favorites once every 24 hours until 30 January 2021! HERE  

Some of the Entries

Savannah Skysurf Georgia

Kēbē Snyder

Savannah Skysurf - Throwback

Kēbē Snyder

CYRILL & JEREM - Freefly 3 way - Throwback

Jeremy Saint Jean

Team Kennett - Indoor Freestyle - Throwback

Sydney Kennett

Kasia & Jérém - Freefly 2 way - Throwback

Jeremy Saint Jean

Spaceland Anomaly - Freefly 3 way - Throwback

Trent Alkek

Why This Throwback?

Parts of the world continue on lockdown or are subject to restrictions that make it impossible for skydivers to record performances at drop zones or wind tunnels. That is precisely why Stefania Martinengo came up with the Sky on Stage Throwback Contest. It is intended for you to keep sharing your inspirational flights during challenging times. By providing your inspirations to others you will have all us even more motivated once we are able to return to brightness, to a life that resembles normalcy!